New York, NY, USA

Navigating the New World of Digital EventsĀ 

Events have long been a critical part of an omnichannel marketing mix as they excel at building awareness and driving sales. Over the last couple of years buying behaviors have shifted, and now more than ever events have a crucial role to play. With bigger buying committees, elongated sales cycles, and more touchpoints needed to get people down the funnel, strategically planning events across the buyer's journey can help you capture actionable insights about your accounts and contacts quickly.

Join Cvent's CMO, Patrick Smith for a discussion on how this new world of digital events can help you understand your buyers, prioritize leads, and close more business. We'll touch on:

  • The digitization of events and how this benefits you
  • How to use extended event engagement to drive more quality leads
  • Ways to use events in your ABM strategy to deliver pipeline

Be sure to bring your questions, we can't wait to chat through them with you.



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